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AVIA Body Peel 100% Natural

AVIA Body Peel 100% Natural
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AVIA Body Peel 100% Natural
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AVIA Body Peel 100% Natural!


AVIA Body Peel

AVIA body peeling is a unique product due to being 100% natural. It is extracted in the form in which it is sold and has not been subject to any processing. The AVIA Body Peel does not contain any preservatives or additives.

Suitable for all skin types: dry, oily or combination. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can add different oils to nourish and hydrate your skin. This unique product from nature will help you to exfoliate the areas of dead cells. It is used in the form of peeling procedures for legs, face and body. Before use, it is recommended for the peeling to stay in the sun for a few days..


250 gram

How to use:

The AVIA Body Peeler is suitable for use on all skin types and has several basic rules that it is recommended to follow when using this product:

  • To keep its composition unchanged and its properties, DO NOT use metal utensils and dishes. Use a plastic or wooden spoon, as well as a glass, porcelain or wooden bowl.
  • Always prepare your face and hair masks, as well as healing baths, immediately before use.
  • When applying the face mask, avoid the area around the eyes.
  • Do not allow the rubber mixture to dry on the hair, face or skin, as this will dehydrate it and the clay will act wet. Water can be periodically sprayed.
  • The water you add to the masks should not be hot nor cold.

How to store

The AVIA Body Peeler is best stored in a glass jar exposed to direct sunlight to retain its beneficial properties.


100% Natural Kaolin

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