Let’s ask ourselves a simple question:

“Is there a woman that does not dream about a tight butt, sculpted legs, and sexy abs?”

Hardly there is.

Cellulite, also denoted as “orange skin”, is perhaps the most ferocious enemy of any female figure. The fight against it is challenging and necessitates serious reserves of perseverance and patience. But is a victorious outcome possible and how can we arrive there?

What Is the “Tormenting” Cellulite?

“Cellulite” demarcates a skin condition whose overall relief is disturbed due to an accumulation of subcutaneous fat tissue. This occurs when there is a disruption of the functions and the structure of the skin.

It turns out that this is not simply a cosmetic problem, as most women blindly believe, but it is a very serious connective tissue disease that affects the lymphatic and circulatory systems on the surface.

Cellulite is a problem that affects around 90% women and a minuscule percentage of men. Its appearance is not always directly related to a person’s weight. It can also be found in slim and plump people. The largest accumulations of fat are observed in the area of the abdomen, the hips, and the thighs.

Causes for the Appearance of the Loathed-by-all-women Cellulite

  • Hereditary predisposition and age.
  • Unhealthy eating.
  • Sedentary way of living.
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Hormonal problems, such as dysfunction of the thyroid gland, the adrenal glands, and the ovaries.

How to Effectively and Permanently Eradicate Cellulite?

Three basic things need to be followed for the best and lasting outcome in the combat against cellulite.

  • Healthy eating.
  • Appropriate training regime.
  • Anti-cellulite, massage procedures.

Note that each of these things, applied alone, will either have no effect or it will be hardly noticeable.


Anti-cellulite exercises, which are a potent weapon in the combat against cellulite, should be more intense to tone the feet and the buttocks. For this type of problem, one of the most suitable sports are running, cycling, fast walking, swimming, and gym. It is best if the workouts are in the morning on an empty stomach, for at least 40 minutes.


Unfortunately, we won’t be able to eradicate cellulite only by being active. Even the most intense workouts will not annihilate it unless we insert some healthy fuel into the body. The excessive consumption of carbonated beverages, alcohol, and any processed foods that are all teeming with preservatives are the main causes of overweight and cellulite.

Unless we introduce a sea change in our eating habits, positive outcomes are unlikely. However, fasting is extremely incorrect and even dangerous a strategy.

Rather, we should carefully select our daily menu. An increased consumption of the following foods – fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, curd, raw nuts, freshly squeezed juices, whole-wheat foods, and foods with copious amounts of fibers – is recommended.

Water consumption is also of utmost significance in the conflict with cellulite. Besides having a wondrous impact on our metabolism, it also aids us in leading toxins out of the body.


Becoming more and more popular in various massage, medicine, and spa centers, anti-cellulite procedures are another weapon we should have in our arsenal in the fierce struggle with cellulite. The outcomes become visible even after a couple of procedures, but they are a quite expensive service, which some women might not be able to afford.


The Bulgarian market is now crammed with a huge assortment of cosmetics intended to eradicate cellulite. However, note that anti-cellulite creams are not entirely capable of tackling this problem. What these creams do is tightening and, to some extent, smoothing out the skin’s surface.

One of the best methods to handle “orange skin” are home-made remedies.

The Miraculous Properties of Clay in the Combat against Cellulite

Yellow clay is a magnificent choice in the fight against cellulite. It has the ability to pull out the toxins and fats accumulated under the skin. There are a couple of ways for its application:

Prepare a bathtub with clay for which we need 500 gr. yellow clay. Get into the tub and stay for not more than 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the body with lukewarm water.

Another easy way is making clay mixture with which to massage the problematic areas. The movements should be light in the bottom-up direction (from the knees to the buttocks).

Due to its ferocity, the battle against cellulite requires tons of patience and perseverance, but we believe every effort will be worthwhile after we marvel at the achieved results.