Since the very depths of antiquity, clay has been used because of its unrivaled properties and its ability to both heal and beautify.

Thanks to its potent absorbing actions, clay (or fuller’s earth) is wonderful both for internal and external use. In addition to being a universal medicine, it is also an irreplaceable aide in maintaining beautiful skin.

Before we commence with clay’s skin care benefits, we also need to examine the variety of different types that are packed with various actions and goodies for the nourishment and the stunning beauty of the skin.

Clay Varieties and Their Wondrous Properties

Green Clay – Silicon dioxide particles are one of its main ingredients. This type has an outstanding absorptioncapacity, cleanses, and purifies the skin. It is extracted manually and it is very clean, soft, and revitalizing. Suitable for oily skin.

Gray-green (Sage) Clay – Abundant in iron oxide. It is very appropriate for extracting fats from the skin. Recommended for seborrhea, dermatitis problems, as well as acne. Tightens and tones loose skin.

Gray Clay – The difference here is that this type is more elastic and rougher than other clays. Moisturizes and hydrates. Appropriate for any skin.

Black Clay – Rich in magnesium, silicon, calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, and other minerals. It is suitable for skin that easily forms blackheads, and for a skin, suffering from pimples, inflammation, and allergic rashes. Since antiquity, it has been utilized in weight-loss procedures.

Red Clay – Owes its color to the high iron oxide and copper amounts. Copious in trace elements. Suitable for highly irritable, dry, as well as sensitive skin. Recommended for people suffering from rosacea.

White Clay – Rich in minerals, this variety is gentle and less absorbent. Effectively cleans, purifies, tones, and softens the skin. Especially good for dry, mature, or sensitive skin.

Brown Clay – Extremely fine, characterized by a soft consistency. Its properties are to hydrate and regenerate dry, fading and sensitive skin.

Yellow Clay – Abundant in potassium, oxygen, and iron. Restores the healthy skin radiance. Tones, refreshes, and clarifies the complexion. It is suitable for drier and looser skins. Aids immensely in the severe fight with cellulite.

Body Peel – It is available in the natural form in which it is harvested. There is no further processing. Very fine and gentle to the skin but with admirable exfoliating action. Suitable for all skin types.

Spa Treatments and How to Use and Keep Clay Active

Clay is one of the crucial elements in the procedures for beautifying and maintaining a good-looking and healthy skin. It is also broadly made use of in various spa treatments.

In geotherapy (using minerals on the inside or outside), fuller’s earth can be applied in the form of masks, cataplasms (poultices, infusions), or clay baths, depending on the area of the body that is going to being treated.

If your time is scarce and you cannot attend spa treatments, you can prepare a spa at home. Take green, gray-green, or gray clay, and dissolve it in a bathtub with clean water. To “cleanse” yourself from the everyday life and stress, you need to spend at least 10-15 minutes in the water. It will help your skin externally, and your body internally, and it will relieve the stress from the everyday hassles.

It is of utmost importance to take into account that clay is active only when it is wet. Once activated, don’t let it dry. For that, you might need to periodically sprinkle it with water so that it is moist on the skin.