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27 Feb Clay and Its Potent Power for Beautiful Skin
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Since the very depths of antiquity, clay has been used because of its unrivaled properties and its ability to both heal and beautify.Thanks to its potent absorbing actions, clay (or fuller’s earth) is wonderful both for internal and external use. In addition to being a universal medicine, it is also..
15 Feb Beautiful and Healthy Hair with Clay
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Washing our hair with mud does not sound like the most pleasant experience in the world, but it definitely is an excellent challenge! Jokes aside, we are talking about clay and its absolutely wondrous properties.Clay, or fuller’s earth, prides itself on having countless benefits not only for our bod..
08 Feb What Is pH and How to Balance It with Clay
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Recently, the use of the term „pH“ has gathered momentum, especially when the radar detects the word “health”. We slowly began to reveal the traps and dangers when our bodies are subjected to “acidification”, streaming from many and diverse sources.Numerous researchers confidently claim that almost ..
01 Feb How to make anti-perspirant deodorant from 100% Natural Fuller's Earth
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Sweating or perspiration is a natural function of our body in which fluids (sweat) are released from the sweat glands of the skin.Everyone sweats when the weather is hot or during intense physical activity. This is a vital function of the body to cool down and thus protects it from overheating. Swea..
11 Jan Rosacea and How to Overcome It with Clay
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What Is Rosacea?Rosacea, monikered as the “Curse of the Celts”, is a chronic skin disorder that causes reddening of those parts of the face that are more prominent (chin, nose, forehead, and cheeks). In rare cases, the neck, décolleté, eyes, and ears may also be affected.Specific Rosacea SymptomsRos..
04 Jan Securing a Beaming Smile and a Brilliant Oral Hygiene with Clay
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The smile predisposes people, and when we smile, we make ourselves happy, too. In order for the smile to be beaming and to please both the individuals around us and ourselves, several facts have to be present.Oral Hygiene Is a Fundamental Factor for a Beaming SmileOne of the most important factors f..
28 Dec Clay and Its Countless Healing Properties
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Clay contains radium, which is the main radioactive element in it. This rare element possesses immense power. Clay will contain even more radium if it is kept under the sun. The healing clay provides our bodies with radium in its purest form. Owing to its potent radioactivity, no viruses, microbes, ..
21 Dec Cellulite – The Scourge of the Female Figure
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Let’s ask ourselves a simple question:“Is there a woman that does not dream about a tight butt, sculpted legs, and sexy abs?”Hardly there is.Cellulite, also denoted as “orange skin”, is perhaps the most ferocious enemy of any female figure. The fight against it is challenging and necessitates seriou..
14 Dec How to Get Rid of Acne with Clay
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Occurring during puberty, acne is a skin problem (for that reason, it is also called “youth buds”). The sebaceous glands’ seals get clogged, forming the so-called “blackheads” (comedones) and redheads that have purulent tops.Acne may develop on the face, on the chest, or on the back. The unpleasant ..
07 Dec Clay – Fascinating History, Contemporary Uses, and Health Benefits
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Revered from deep antiquity, clay has been known to possess unique properties that can tackle various ailments and disorders.Thanks to its potent absorbing action, clay is not only appropriate and beneficial for external use, but it is also useful internally. The latter revolves around driving all p..
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