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Why Fuller's Earth


The natural, ecologically clean Bulgarian clay has a solid energy impact on your body.

Disposes Toxins

The use of clay during detoxification is seen as a particularly good tool to release toxins from the body. It also supports the alkalization of the body.

Proven in Time

It is a miraculous powder whose valuable features have been known to the Indians and the Chinese since many centuries ago. The history of this wonderful substance has dated for more than 1000 year ago, as it begins with the era of mankind.

Supports Body Development

Regulates the growth and development of the cells in the body.

Rich in Minerals

It contains all mineral salts that the human body needs.

Regenerates Body Balance

Supports the restoration of the pH body balance and stabilizes the electromagnetic system.

Antiseptic Effect

As an antiseptic, it is an absolutely pure, sterile and bacteria free product.

Medical Properties

The treatment with clay helps battle diseases of the musculoskeletal system of the nervous system, as well as skin problems, psoriasis and cellulitis. It combines beneficial substances that act as a regenerator of the body.
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