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Cosmetic clay may be used for prophylaxis and detoxification of the body. It has the ability to extract toxins and to dispose them via urine and body sweat. The advisory intake period is 1 month, followed by another 1 month rest. How to use: place 1 tea spoon in 200ml water and steer well. Let compose overnight and in the morning, before breakfast, drink only the water. The sediment may be disposed. Only the grey-green and green clay are suitable for direct intake.

Clay has the ability to uncover natural beauty with the help of facial masks and hair treatment procedures. It is also widely used as a source for medical treatments. Water and clay, when mixed, are used as a bandage to cure swellings, lumps and the like, when left to act for 2 to 3 hours. To have a positive effect, the clay has to be moist during the whole treatment phase. The wound has to be covered up with 2-3 cm clay and water mixture and capped with a humid cotton bandage. The wound plaster can be replaced every 2-3 hours. Clay is used for conditions such as disease of the digestive tract, gout, atherosclerosis, diabetes, diseases of the blood, skin diseases, liver disfunction, bile, kidney, and cataract issues, glaucoma and others.

The main variation comes from the origin of the clay, that dates throughout Bulgaria. Since the diverse sources offer different mineral structure, each clay may possess its own color, based on which can also be determined its steel. The brown, white and yellow beauty clay types are meant for rather dry skin, as the yellow one also assists against cellulite. Grey clay is mostly intended for people with combined type of skin due to its ability to hydrate well. For the purpose of whole body scrub, the clay can be added to shower gel for example. It can as well be mixed solely with water and used for massages of the body. The product is suitable for anti cellulite massages, facial and body mask. The green, grey-green and black clay are to be used for sensitive and greasy, prone to acne and blackheads skin. Red clay treats well small pimples and skin stains, and has a positive impact over rosacea. The brown, white and yellow clay are mainly used for dry skin.

Beauty clay is hydroscopic and easily interacts with water, which leads to the melting of the soap. One on the small soap blocks may be used at a time and placed on a sponge to absorb the excess water, as the other three are placed in a dry storage place.

We extract Fuller's Earth throughout Bulgaria. Fields are located in the Norht East and North West parts of the country.

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